The school was established in 1918. It often changed its base. In 1983 it finally found its place, which is Faustyna Piaska Street. The school was led by the following head teachers: F. Bogdański, K. Rogacki, L. Gutkowski, Cz. Zybert, I. Bejgerowa, A. Zbyszewska, E. Madany, J. Gawroński, Jan Kaszuba. At present, it is run by Marzenna Machała-Pniewska. When it started its functioning, there were only five teachers in total, only four classes, 202 pupils. The number of students, classes and teachers was rising constantly. 

In 1999, on the basis of primary school, Complex of General Education Schools No. 1 came into being. It consisted of Primary School No. 2 and Junior High School No. 1 in Płock. At the beginning of its existence, it was the biggest junior high school in Poland.

In 2001, Complex of General Education Schools No. 1 evolved into Complex of Schools No. 1 in Płock. It consists of Junior High school No. 1 and Secondary High School No. 4. Previously mentioned school was one of the youngest schools of this type in Płock. It has been functioning since 1989.

Nowadays, Complex of School No. 1 is located in a big and convenient building equipped with excellent teaching materials, 4 computer rooms with an access to the internet, 2 body building gyms, 3 indoor sports fields, complex of outdoor sports fields. Moreover, students can consult a nurse, an educator, a psychologist and a dentist. The school offers its well-equipped library, a reading room, a common room and a canteen. The school is constantly developing, open to new technologies.